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Rydell Mynatt, CEO / Consultant


Rydell comes from a vast background of medical billing. She has worked for medical billing companies, software companies, and home health agencies. Rydell specializes in medical billing, administrative services and billing/software transitions.

Jake Wood BSBM, CRCR, CFO/ Consultant


Jake comes to Prestige with a background in home health billing and Financial services. He specializes in revenue cycle management, home health billing, and financial analytics.  

Jean Wood RN BSN, Senior Healthcare Consultant


Jean comes to Prestige with more than 30 years of healthcare experience. She has held positions as D.O.N. and/or Administrator at multiple skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. Jean specializes in clinical management, clinical auditing, and regulatory compliance. She has also spent multiple years in emergency services, hospitals, and pre/post acute hospital care.